About SAE


Since 1997, Symphonic Arts Entertainment, (SAE) continues to provide professional music to the Louisville and Kentuckiana areas. SAE is a booking agency which assists in the planning and organization of musical events such as weddings, receptions, graduations, worship services, indoor/outdoor concerts, parties, conventions, etc. SAE clientele includes, local churches, universities, area businesses, local government and wedding coordinators.

Symphonic Arts Entertainment will enhance your event with elegance and distinction by offering a wide selection of soloists and ensembles. Whatever your musical appreciation, from the vocal richness of a Soprano Soloist to the refined elegance of a String Quartet with a Trumpet Soloist or even the vibrant ceremonial sound of a Brass Quintet, SAE provides the most dynamic musicians in the area. We utilize the most professional musicians in Louisville, drawing from members of the Louisville Orchestra and the finest freelance musicians.